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Meet Larry

 Larry grew up in Richland, WA and has been a preacher, teacher, entrepreneur and leader of an international not for profit.  He currently is a Tasting Room Manager at Hamilton Cellars on Red Mountain in Washington State. Larry received a MS in Business Leadership from Capella University and a BA in Biblical Languages from Life Pacific College.  When he’s not  managing a winery you can find him playing guitar, hanging with family, or reading a book, volunteering as Washington State Chair and staying current on all things politics.  He was a member of the Modern Whig Party since 2010 and dedicated to helping this new Alliance party grow in members and influence.

Larry will be a new kind of politician – a term limited, transparent public servant who puts state or country before Party or special interests and solutions before ideology.

We also need a new kind of informed, tolerant, discerning citizen – who is an “ally” to his or her fellow Americans.  A citizen who doesn’t: vote straight party tickets; blindly adopt positions that are mandated by political tribe; vilify other Americans because of differences.

Both major parties only focus on making the other side lose so that we all end up losing in the end.  Not right, not left, move forward together.  


 Washington Legislative District 8

Home to a diverse population that ranges from highly educated suburbanites to rural working class families; Washington’s 8th Legislative District is bordered to the north and east by the Columbia River, with the cities of Richland and Kennewick in the southwest corner of the district. It includes parts of Benton County.

Historically, the GOP has a demonstrated record of winning in Washington’s 8th Legislative District; however, a changing political climate may prove ripe for looking at making a change, especially for alternative, non-establishment parties. Larry seeks to unite the people of the district behind the common ideals that all Washingtonians share, working with both the GOP and the Democrats in the State Legislature.

Facing only an incumbent Republican on November 3 we expect to need 39,000 votes for victory. Having located 51,000 likely non-Republican voters in the district we may project that with proper targeting, messaging and the funds to contact these voters the prospects for victory are positive.

A unique opportunity exists for an organized and funded candidate to win in Washington’s 8th Legislative District in 2020. Because he has a strong history of service and leadership, and a record of dedication to people of the community, Larry Stanley is, with your help, positioned for victory. 

Committee to Elect Larry Stanley
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