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EverReady - Climate Crisis

This is the largest and most difficult problem humanity has ever faced. We should have started 40-50 years ago when we could have made gradual changes.  Now even if we could change over to sustainable power and bring our carbon footprint down significantly overnight it wouldn't be enough. There is amount of lag time built in to the climate system, we have past tipping points and started cascading effects that will bring horrible calamities upon us.  Does not change that we must try to minimize the damage by making changes now and also by planning to mitigate the various disasters that will befall us do to our arrogance and delay.  The last time we had this much concentration of carbon in our atmosphere the temperature was 5C hotter and the seas were 20 feet higher.  

Start taxing Carbon

Switch to Green power

Switch to electric cars

Move as many communities away from the coast as we can and fortify those we can save.

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